The last contact with Jumblatt was stormy, and people are the...

The last contact with Jumblatt was stormy, and people are the...
The last contact with Jumblatt was stormy, and people are the...

Former Prime Minister Saad Hariri confirmed, in a televised interview, that “he has no new information regarding the formation of the government. No one today has data and all the political parties have said what they have, and we must rule of mind in the face of the ongoing collapse of the Shiite bilateral and put up barricades of Difficult to get back from it. “

Hariri pointed out that “after the fall of the French initiative, the country was exposed to all security possibilities, instability and economic collapse, and many people are talking about the system,” considering that “political parties are not” cattle “and any constitution we put together with the mentality that controls the country cannot help On the success of something “, explaining that” some are using the surplus of force to impose equations on the Lebanese people and the people reject them, “pointing out that” Hezbollah and the Amal movement revealed their position on the French initiative, but the financial collapse that occurred exposed all currents. ” Forces and parties. “

He believed that “there are two projects in the country, the first is carried by Hezbollah and the Amal movement linked to abroad, and there is a project that wants to get the country out of the crisis and liberate it from the parties stressing that the Lebanese citizen is first. In addition to other projects with some bidders on any team.” He is trying to find solutions, and they are the ones who brought us here, that is, the auctioneers, including part of my previous team and the 14th of March, “stressing that” the duo disrupted the French initiative that could stop the collapse. “He asked:” Is the Finance Ministry a sufficient reason to stop the initiative? ” Which French will rebuild Beirut? “

Hariri pointed out that “French President Emmanuel Macron spoke in his speech about a mistake, then said that Hariri took a decision and then reconciled it with a courageous initiative and expressed his appreciation for it, but in Lebanon he only took the first sentence.” He added: “When I submitted my resignation a year ago, we were At the same stage that we are in today, and then I was called by some to form a government, and then I said that there can only be a government of specialists, except that the head of the “Free Patriotic Movement”, MP Bassil, and the head of the “Forces” party, Samir Geagea and the head of the Progressive Socialist Party, Walid Jumblatt, did not walk Saad Hariri’s prayer, and I don’t know the reasons.

He explained, “The basis for me is to solve the problem that has occurred in the country 16 years ago. I presented several names, but the former government ministers had their position, so they formed a government, and they said it is a government of specialists. It is true that it is a government of specialists in form, but the ministers were named by the parties. Even this form of government does not walk, “asserting that” when we met at the Pine Palace, we agreed that there would be an important government for 6 months and had one mission to stop the collapse and rebuild Beirut, “adding:” I said that this is an opportunity for Lebanon and Beirut, but when it started The naming process, Geagea, Jumblatt and Bassil do not want Saad Hariri, and I considered myself an obstacle, so I set myself aside, and the team that told me “was pushed to the side,” which is the president of the republic’s team, asked me to name a prime minister, “considering that” the two are sticking to Hariri as a political game And only to avoid the Sunni-Shiite congestion. ”

Regarding his accusation of forming the government of Mustafa Adeeb, Hariri said: “I agreed with Adeeb that there should not be any name that provokes any political group, for example the President of the Supreme Judicial Council Suhail Abboud was one of the people Adeeb wanted, and I told him The name is excellent, but be aware that there is a problem with the Free Patriotic Movement. That is, my job was to warn Adeeb not to put forward provocative names, stressing that we do not reject the Ministry of Finance for the Shiite sect, but rather that any portfolio be the monopoly of any sect. When there was a problem In the Ministry of Energy in the Tammam Salam government, Parliament Speaker Nabih Berri told me at the time that the best solution is rotation.

Hariri stated that “after the American sanctions, attitudes towards the French initiative were escalated and all the positive attitudes that existed in the country after the initiative hardened after the imposition of sanctions,” stressing that “I am a candidate for prime minister without anyone being beautiful, but I am not like anyone else nor I threaten. Some of those who criticize me and beseech me want me to threaten, but this will not happen. I am the son of Rafik Hariri and my culture of moderation, love of life and science. ”

He stressed that “the conspiracy is against the people and not against Hezbollah. Everyone knows that weapons are present and has regional repercussions, and to solve the issue the regional problem must be resolved,” stressing that “no one was demanding disarmament, but an attempt to save the country and put forward a turnaround is not a crime, isn’t it? The president of the republic was the first to call for a rotation? “, Adding:” I did not contact the President of the Republic, Michel Aoun, and I only sent a message to Bassil to reassure him after his infection with Corona, “expressing his regret that we wish death to each other because of our political differences.

Hariri believed that “the responsibility for the collapse of the country is borne by everyone who took over the country at this stage. It was possible to reach an agreement with the World Bank with ease,” asserting that “there is no reproach to Berri, but what I want is to address the collapse and rebuild Beirut. Asfour’s milk, I want to stop the collapse, “considering that” what brought down Hassan Diab’s government was the August 4 explosion, and no one else. ”

He stressed that “demarcating the borders is a very good thing for Lebanon, but it should have started 3 years ago,” considering that “the issue of demarcation” is walking “due to the sanctions imposed on some and” everyone has become a Bedouin who protects their condition. ” A country is wasting opportunities from Cedar to Paris 2 and 3. ”

Hariri added, “We have to do some constitutional amendments, but the problem in the country is not a system problem, but rather a problem of fossilized and extremist minds, and this method of work is not acceptable,” pointing out that “there are many questions about the role of the Mufti of the Republic, Abd Al-Taif Derian and Dar Al-Fatwa.” At this stage, Mufti Derian does not want to be like others and uses a religious platform in politics, “stressing that” if we really want to be wise, we must remove everything that has an income in religion from politics, because that leads to “Stances are restricted, perhaps for an illogical reason only because a sect is afraid. The only shelter for all Lebanese of all sects is the state.”

He added, “If someone was with me or my border and his name came up with punishments, God will not return it and I will not cover anyone.” He believed that “it is unjust that the” forces “hold me responsible for delivering Aoun to the Presidency of the Republic, they are an essential part of this settlement, stressing that” no one ” Shakes my relationship with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. ”

And he considered that “Basil posed a danger to the covenant more than Geagea because he followed the logic of canceling others. I do not say that he is responsible for the collapse, but the differences that exposed the government brought us here.” He pointed out that “some say that Saad Hariri is weak and his heart is good and sacrifices, but is it?” Watch what happened in Syria? 85 percent of the Syrians are from the Sunni community, where are they now? Certainly I will not be the reason for the Lebanese to suffer what the Syrian people have suffered? “, Stressing that” I work for the benefit of the Sunni community and its unity in Lebanon and stability. ”

Hariri added, “I blame Hezbollah for blaming all the Lebanese for the problem that it carried in its chest. But the Lebanese people are not responsible for Hezbollah’s problems. They should let the Lebanese people live.”, Expressing his conviction that “there is a project.” He is trying to take us to a war in the country, and I am against him, not because of anyone. I am against weapons and war, what kind of it was.

He explained, “I and the Future bloc did not submit our resignations from the House of Representatives because I do not see that this matter will lead us to early parliamentary elections, especially since there is a team that does not want these elections and has surplus power. If we impose them, only by-elections will take place in several regions.” And there will be a sufficient number for any constitutional amendment and “tricked you into making amendments.” In response to a question about whether he considers Geagea to let him down, Hariri said: People are the ones who decide that, “revealing that” the last contact with Jumblatt was stormy, and it happened in a moment. ” He was meeting with the French and he asked me to accept giving money to the Shiite community for life. I refused the order and reiterated my position on restricting any ministerial portfolio to any sect for life. ”

Hariri also expressed his fear of “a civil war as a result of the collapses that take place, and the arming and military strikes that take place in the Sunni or Christian street and even in Hamra Street. What is happening in Baalbek-Hermel is the collapse of the state,” stressing, “I am with neutrality and agree On the proposal of the Maronite Patriarch, the Maronite Cardinal, Mar Beshara Boutros Al-Rahi. But can this be imposed on everyone? This matter needs consensus. ”

He asserted that “the problem is the lack of a dollar in the country. If we want to solve the problem, we must go to the main point, that is, how do we bring the dollar into the country through the IMF program,” noting that “Macron’s initiative is clear regarding reforms and negotiations with The Monetary Fund. The problem with Diab’s government, and the actions of this government, ”revealing that“ everyone agreed to the paper presented at Qasr al-Pine, including privatization and taxation, but the question today is whether Hezbollah, Amal Movement, and the rest of the political parties still agree to the French initiative paper in Qasr al-Pine He asserted that “if a government supported by Hezbollah is formed of one color, no one will give us a” franc. ”

Al-Hariri stressed that “the independence of the judiciary is the first rule and the only way to fight corruption. I accept criminal scrutiny, and I will see how I will give and each one of them is a donor and a benefactor to people,” blaming “the 16-year rule for the financial collapse, not just a person.” He considered that “the intention to overthrow the governor of the Banque du Liban, Riad Salameh, was for malicious and political purposes, and I am in favor of his remaining in his position, especially in a crisis like this one. We need Riad Salameh to be present to manage the crisis with the International Monetary Fund.”

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