New technology in computer science – Top Jobs of 2020

New technology in computer science – Top Jobs of 2020
New technology in computer science – Top Jobs of 2020

The fields of computer science are growing rapidly as more and more people realize how lucrative the job market is. Statistics show that students with degrees in computer science have a chance to start their career with very high-paying salaries compared to many other industries. Moreover, new technology in computer science means more innovative and challenging work is available to new graduates.

In this article, I’ll go over some of the top new technology in computer science that creates new and interesting jobs.

New technology in computer science – Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality or VR enhances the user’s experience by creating immersive and realistic digital assets. It is now used all over the world and continues to progress. All of the major tech giants have a hand in VR, such as Oculus, Samsung, and Google. Not to mention, the countless start-ups. This new technology in computer science is creating a range of different job options.

To work in VR, you’ll need programming skills and a very progressive approach. It’s the ultimate field for creatives.

Cyber Security

Jobs in the field of cyber security are seeing tremendous growth and show no signs of slowing down. Cyber security is designed to protect networks, data, and operating systems from cyber-attacks. It decreases the risks which might affect any company that stores data digitally. Moreover, cyber security is a concern for every type of business, even online casinos like 888 casino vip employ certain measures to protect their information.

AI – Artificial Intelligence

One of the fastest-growing technology sectors is the robotics industry. For instance, by 2024, it’s projected that it will be worth will increase by $80 billion. Students who are intrigued by the idea of pursuing a career in robotics have many options available. As most of the top multination tech giants continue to make significant investments in this field.

The purpose of AI is to perform tasks more accurately and efficiently than humans. AI can mimic all aspects of human intelligence and work on tasks like speech, image recognition and even making decisions.

Working in AI requires highly specialized knowledge and field study. Therefore, prepare for the intensive study if this is a field that interests you.

Data Analytics

Big data analytics is the key to dealing with all of the dynamics in business and marketing. It’s taking the knowledge gained from the past and using them to create solutions for the future. Data-driven decisions are more accurate, it decreases errors and improves efficiency.

Data analytics is every and every growing company is going to make effective use of it in the coming years. Therefore, it’s a lucrative field for computer science students to pursue.


Having an interest in computer science is means doing more than studying one area. It’s important to explore many different sectors, particularly the above which all show tremendous growth projections for the future.

Stay up to date with everything happening in the tech world, as it continues to expand and change in exciting and challenging ways!

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